A Birthday Surprise

A Birthday Surprise
Thanks Honey !!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


 I got home from work on Friday, and there was a package waiting for me on the front porch. I was expecting it, but didn't think it would be here before Saturday, much to my dismay it was here Friday.

 Ken from (Spanked by my wife) had sent me this package, so I knew it was coming. It turns out it was a gift for my Wife, and her G/F Ms. Meela. You see there were two paddles inside the package, one for my Wife and the other for Ms. Meela. Really Ken the thought was nice, but you shouldn't have!!!!!!!!

 My Wife decided to try the one out tonight, I was called into the bedroom, and was told to stand in front of Her while She was seated on the bed. She reached out and pulled me closer to Her by my belt. She undid the belt, opened my pants lowered them along with my shorts, and pulled me over Her left knee. She placed Her right leg over the backs of mine, and right from the get go, decided She was going to really test this paddle out. Or as Ken and Ms.Cora would say, "take it for a test drive".

 By the fourth spank, I committed the cardinal sin, and removed the top part of my body from Her lap, BIG MISTAKE!!. Even though I immediately placed myself back into position, She made me really sorry for doing that. I pleaded for the spanking to stop, but it continued until She felt I had learned a lesson not to leave her lap, until ordered to do so. This paddle truly stings and adds a real burn when it lands on bare skin, I felt every spank even the light ones. It just has a way of lighting a fire when it touches the sit spot.

 Well a few hours have passed since we tried the wonderful gift Ken sent, and I'm still sitting very gingerly. It feels like I sat on a hot branding iron. If my above remark seemed insincere trust me it was, LOL

 To make matters worse, like I said in the beginning, Ken was nice enough to send two of these WAD along and now Ms.Meela is aware that one is for Her, and She can't wait to take Hers for a test drive also. And the two of them, (Wife, and Ms.Meela) have already decided that each will get to spank my bottom, and after they are done separately spanking my bottom, that I will then be spanked by both of them together.

 Ken suggested we video the entire affair when we get together, and there was also a suggestion that we might call Ken and Ms. Cora so they can hear his paddles put to use in real time.

 I'm not sure if all of you remember Nu-West / Leda, but these paddles are exact copies of their paddles that were made famous being use mostly by the women of Leda, much to the delight of all the men and women that they were used on. Ken did an excellent job in recreating these paddles, and the workmanship is absolutely fantastic. So kudos to Ken, and a big thank you for sending them, although I wanted to strangle him a few hours ago. (just kidding)

 Thanks Ken Great Job!!!!



david said...

hi,Its Dave from davetouchingtoes sometime ago blogged about been milked well I`ve found out what it was but not how it came into our possession its 2ft of 34mm marine fuel tank pipe I searched the web found one in uk if helpful hope your bottms still red mine is knowing that they love you,yours david

spankedbywife said...

Thanks for your kind words about our 'little present' to your Wife and Ms. Meela. And I am delighted to hear that your Wife was anxious to take it for a 'test drive' (don't you love that phrase?). Yes, these little paddles have quite the 'impact' and with the short test drives Ms. Cora has made with them, I can testify to your quite accurate description of their affect. They are really an excellant OTK implement and it appears that your Wife, like Ms. Cora, has discovered how much 'fun' it is for them to put them to use.

It was truly a pleasure to make them. I was very fortunate to have some help in the design and I will be posting the full story in our blog a little later. In the meantime I hope you get lots and lots of 'enjoyment' from them.

Ken and Cora

Anonymous said...

My wife will paddle my bare ass for punishment for certain behaviors with my male friends--od which sh disapproves--I know I got it coming and put my naked self ovr her lap---She paddles me and it hurts like crazy---I am a lag strong man and she is small so besides the pain on my bare butt i have to work on staying on her lap which I try to do----Odd, when I am with my guy friends and doing stuff---I think 'the paddling won't hurt that much" as I am taking off my clothes and then lying over her lap and getting my ass paddled I am regretting it like crazy as it hurts alot