A Birthday Surprise

A Birthday Surprise
Thanks Honey !!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Love/Hate with the upcoming month

Hi Everyone, it's been a while, but I tend to post when I have something to write about.

We have a busy month ahead of us, J and Her husband will be here toward the end of the March, and my Wife knowing what's coming for me, has decided to see that my bottom is prepared for what's to come. In Her infinite wisdom, She has decided that regular maintenance spankings will be given for the next few weeks, leading up to our friends visit. And they will begin this weekend, just to make me a little nervous I noticed a paddle, the strap, and the cane all laid out at the foot of our bed when I came home today.

 Now it seems that most of my Wife's friends are Nurses, and J is no exception, and She has promised me two trips over Her knee during Her visit. And usually during one of my spankings, J loves wearing one of Her old fashioned Nurses uniforms, complete with white dress, white stockings, and white heels. The spankings are always over Her knee, and bare bottom, and She does not spare the rod, this Lady can deliver a good sound spanking. She usually starts out with Her hand, and slowly progresses to something made of wood, She has never used a cane, but this time might be a little different. Then my Wife usually joins in, and both dressed in their uniforms really tan my bottom, again over both their laps. I was hoping M would also be here, but things have changed in Her life, and She has become less involved in the spanking scene. M is also a Nurse, it would have been a wild week if She was here.

 While on this subject, I've had a few emails from some readers, they have been long time readers of this blog, and they know of this thing with Nurses in the family. And I have had some suggestions as to different scenes they'd like to see on video. While I can't say whether or not these spankings will be done on camera, I will ask. The different scenes are as follows, having my temperature taken rectally while over their laps, and given an enema, again while over their laps, and finally both Ladies using a strap-on after the spanking. While it does sound rather inviting, I seriously doubt two of these scenes would actually happen, and I'm sure you all know which two. I might ask, but it could mean an even harder spanking if they get upset with the question. Just for kicks though I will post a poll to see which all of you would like to see. At this point I'm not sure J would even entertain the video being made with just the spanking, but we'll see.

 When we first got married, J had given us a wedding gift, but we told it should be opened in private, and not in front of our guests that were at the wedding. And later that night my Wife and I did open the gift in private, and we laughed when we saw what was inside, first was a rather large wooden spoon, and it was not for stirring the sauce, also inside were matching panties one pair for Her, and one pair  for me. So to start the marriage  off right, I found myself stripping and putting the panties on, and climbing over my Wife's knee to take the wooden spoon for a test drive. That damn thing really, really hurt, my Wife is an accomplished spanker, and I still enjoy going over her knee more that anyone else.

 So I'm looking forward to March with a little trepidation, nervous, but looking forward to the end result, (pun intended)

 I did act badly toward J last year, and She has threatened to make me pay when She gets here, and I'm sure She'll be true to Her word, She usually is!!

 I'll post again after J and Her husband leave, and hopefully have some video to show with it.

 Thanks to the readers that sent emails, and thanks to all of you that post  comments, and read this blog. I can't believe we're almost at one million views, makes posting worth the time. Please if you read this blog, say hi, or email me, I always answer my emails, and I will try and do better at answering your comments, I've been very lax at doing that. And for that I apologize!


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The fifth poster in the comment section of my last post, said if I didn't post soon, that I deserved a good spanking. Can't agree with them more, not sure if it was a male, or Female, if it was the latter I'd surely submit.

 Between work, and real life it was kind of hard sitting down to post, sometimes it was just hard sitting, if you know what I mean LOL

 My wonderful Wife has kept me in line for thew past few months, most recently this past Christmas Eve. She had presented me with a present, (we always exchange one present on Christmas Eve) And as She has done since we were married, I got a pair of really nice panties. And as I have done since we married, I went in to the bedroom, and put them on. I also put on a pair of silk lounging men's PJ bottoms. I then went into the bedroom closet and fetched the spanking paddle that Ken over at Spanked by my Lady had been so gracious to send to my Wife, (thanks a lot ken) I then walked out to the living room and handed my Wife the paddle, and placed myself over Her knee. She seemed to enjoy just rubbing my bottom for a while, and I have to admit I enjoyed it also.

 After a few minutes, I felt Her shift, and Her arm raise, and a split second later her hand landed on my bottom, She then got into a steady rhythm, and the spanks got harder, and harder, and She still had a ways to go, after about 3 or 4 minutes, I felt Her hand slide inside the waistband of my PJs and my panties and down they came. I knew what was coming was going to be tough, and sure enough, She had picked up the paddle. It didn't take long for me to be writhing on Her lap, as spank after spank landed on my bare bottom. That paddle has a lot of sting behind it, for such a small paddle, it has lots of small holes drilled in it, and it's very well constructed. Although I don't think it would stand up to a blazing fire, and that thought has crossed my mind on several occasions, but I think Ms Cora, and ken would see to it that another one was delivered. (again thanks ken)

 Anyway when She had decided that I had enough, I was told to stand, and She pulled my bottoms back up, and told me to wait for Her in the bedroom, which I did :)

 I was told later on that night that with the start of the New Year, it would be a very active year for us, so I guess I'll be posting a lot. I do know that we're expecting visitors in the near future. And the Wife of the couple coming to visit said She owes me a couple of trips over Her knee while they visit, and She said that I will get everything She feels I have coming to me. Trust me this is a strong Lady, I've been spanked by Her on many occasions, and She always leaves me really sore, but wanting more. And I do know that I'm always spanked by both She, and my Wife together, two lovely laps to go over at the same time.

 Well like the header said Merry Christmas, and a safe and Happy New Year. NO DRINKING AND DRIVING please!!!!!! Be safe and Talk To You Next Year!!


Doesn't Look Like Fun

Having a Cane Used OTK is not Pleasant

Looks Like Fun

Wonder What He Did??

Again Cane OTK Hurts Like Hell

Love Two at Once

Nice Stockings, and Panties


Looks Like A Fun Thing

Nice Strong Woman!!

Big Paddle


I ended with this one on purpose. (This Lady Knows How to Use a Strap)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Great Response !!

I can't believe how many hits there has been from readers looking at Nate's artwork. I've decided to show you some more.

As you all know Nate is from England, and there have been a lot of people from there and other British countries signing in to look at his art. Not to mention from all over the world. The most popular pictures seem to be #1, and #2, I'm really glad I posted them.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lots going on!

Hi Everyone:

 Sorry it's been so long, but it's been really busy here, and a lot has happened to slow down leaving posts.

 Where to start!! I've been trying to diet to take off some unwanted pounds, mostly at the direction of my Wife. Well I did pretty good for a few months, and we had weekly weigh-ins, about one month ago I kind of slipped a little, and instead of losing i gained a few pounds.

  Now I know you all know where this is going, I came home from work and was told in no uncertain terms She was not happy! I wound up in  the bedroom, standing in front of Her, listening to Her calm collected voice as She scolded me about gaining and not losing weight. I hate when She is calm like this, it means I'm in a lot of trouble. And that was going through my mind at the time She was speaking.

 It wasn't long before I felt Her hand on my belt removing it from my pants, and unclasping my pants, and letting them fall to the ground. Next came the underpants, and I was pulled down over Her lap, there was no hesitation as Her hand began to rise and fall on my bare  bottom. All the time Her hand was making contact I was getting lectured about not sticking to the program. When She thought I was  spanked long enough with Her hand, She picked up the long handled wooden hairbrush, and put that to good work, and it kept me bouncing and squirming all over Her lap, I was promising to do better, and watch what I put into my mouth. After a few minutes, She put the brush down, and had me stand up, She placed some pillows on the bed and had me lay over them. You all have seen the purple strap She made a while back, I got 12 with that, I always try not to move with that strap so it lands on my butt, and the tops of my thighs. We had it wrap one time and that hurt quite a bit, so lying still is a must, because if I move it really is my fault that it wraps.

 Anyway She finished off with six with the cane, hard to lay still when my Wife uses the cane, but She's extremely accurate with it.

 After She was done She comforted me for a little while and then She whispered in my ear, and I slid off the bed, and to my knees. I began by kissing Her inner thighs, and before long She was enjoying my tribute.

 Now a few weeks ago, we met with another couple that we had met on fetlife, we drove to their home, and it was an enjoyable evening. I was spanked by both my Wife, and "C" She's the female counterpart of the couple we met. Let me tell you She has one hard strong hand, My Wife and "C" had me lay over the edge of their bed, and with one on one side, and one on the other, they lit my bare bottom up!! They then started to use every implement in "C"'s arsenal, and there were plenty, from straps, to slippers to leather soles, paddles and brushes. I was on fire when they finished. Then it was "C"'s husbands turn (poor guy) I could hear from the living room what he was probably listening to when I was in his position. Anyway they turned out to be great couple, they seem very devoted to each other, and "C" sure does enjoy the spanking scene.

 I'm posting some pictures for a friend, all done by "NATE" from England, I don't know if he's still around, but if he is I wish he would contact me. A lot of people really enjoy his artwork, because it portrays regular Women in dominate roles. Hope you enjoy them as well.

 There are 14 pictures here, I'll post more next time I write, which hopefully won't be too long.