A Birthday Surprise

A Birthday Surprise
Thanks Honey !!

Friday, August 7, 2015

New Post

Hi Everyone, it's funny how fast time flies by when you're not posting, been almost 4 months, so I guess it's time to start again.

 Things are looking up here again, the Wife has seen to keeping my bottom nice and warm over the past few months. And it's always nice to spend some quality time over Her knee, begging Her to please stop, but you all know we never mean that!!! Seems a few times I was made to wear panties, but they never stay up too long, and are always pulled down with..in minutes, as She likes to watch my bottom go from pale, to red to dark red. But I like the rubbing, and then the hand spanking that follows before they come down. I also like the feeling (which is hard to describe) when they're pulled back up over a freshly spanked bottom. I have just walked into our bedroom, and saw the following on Her nightstand. There was the paddle (that Ken had made for us) that had a note attached to it, it said "100 Semi hard" This paddle is small with holes in it, and it hurts when used "A LOT!!! Next to it was the purple strap (seen on the side bar in the blog) It said "50 hard", and last but not least is the cane with a sticky note that says "10 Semi hard" Can't figure out what I did, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. I hate when these are left out for me to think about for almost a whole week, the anticipation plays on my mind all week long, never knowing if She decides to use them right away. or later on the weekend. One never knows what to expect!!

 It was nice to get an email from Franco, and he sent some artwork for the blog, so I will post them today. I want him to know I appreciate his art very  much, and would love to be over the knee of some of the ladies in his drawings, so if he ever does real life art I'd gladly volunteer. So thanks Franco, great work!!

 Hope you all have a great weekend!!

 Thanks to all the loyal readers, my followers count hasn't changed in the months I've been incapacitated, and the views have been steady. So Again Thank You!

See you soon

Friday, April 3, 2015

Hi All!

 I can't believe it's been almost 6 months since my last post, but things were really hectic here, and have not really calmed down yet.

 There have been a few spankings, but health problems have come up, and I know some of you have been there. Sometimes when it rains it pours.

 I'm going to just post some artwork, and I'll try and keep up with the blog. I hate not posting, but at least the spanking art will be something.

 See You All Soon!!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Nate's Artwork

 I've been amazed at how popular Nate's artwork has been since I first posted it months ago. He shows men over the knees of strong looking women, having their bare bottoms warmed.

 So I decided to peruse the internet looking for as many of Nate's art as I could find. It took a while but I did find some interesting work of his that I think you'll enjoy.

 BTW, I really screwed up this week, and my Wife has already warned me of my upcoming doom. She is not happy with me, and I'm sure my next post will be enlightening. I may or may not  try to get this on video. I guess it depends on Her mood as to whether or not She'll allow it, We've never filmed a real punishment spanking. I'm not even sure if it would be way to embarrassing to post, for me that is!!

 I would enjoy hearing from Ladies that read this blog as to their thoughts on posting a video, would also like to hear from the guys also, although I think I know what they would say, LOL.

 See You All Later


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer is Over, and so ends the drought.

 Things really got slow here, not much going on, until this morning!! My last post left you all hanging with my impending Punishment Certificate. Seems someone thought this was topping from the bottom, and they may have been right. It seems my Wife placed the Certificate in the shredder, and it was never seen again.

 But this morning when I awoke there was a new Certificate next to the coffee maker, and not only was it the printed version, but there was a hand written note under it. It also contained some other instructions on the Certificate that really surprised me.

                                                          Random Punishment Certificate

                                                                  Four sets of spankings

                                               Set one: 93 swats with a hairbrush over the knee
                                               Set two: 15 swats with a cane
                                              Set three: 102 swats with a hairbrush over the knee
                                               Set four : 84 swats with a leather paddle over the knee
                                              These spankings will be carried out on the bare bottom.

                                             In addition I will receive the following extra punishments:

                                                         3 days of bedtime spankings
                                                        12 hours of forced cross dressing????

 Needless to say the last item caught me by surprise, but I guess I didn't have much choice. The hand written letter Stated that I was to decide what to wear, but I was to be in it when my Wife got up. I was also to have Her morning cup of coffee ready, and be waiting for my instructions for the day. I took my shower, and went into our guest bedroom and She had thoughtfully laid out some clothes on the bed, and left a note on the bed, telling me some of these should fit you decide. Feeling really silly, I looked through some of the things, now I do have my own panties that I wear for spankings sometimes, but they weren't there. She had purchased new ones for me, and the ones I chose were a light blue, and I guess nylon, I also found a nylon slip, and She left me a few pairs of stockings, the kind that stay up by themselves. The real shocker was the pair of high heels that were on the floor, and I was really shocked when they fit. I had everything on when She walked into the kitchen, except for the shoes, it would take some time to walk in them, or so I thought. I was told to put them on, and I did, I don't know how women do it!!

 We sat and talked over coffee, and She said She'd let me know when I was to report to the bedroom, and I waited for over two hours before She looked at me and said it's time. Sitting there dressed as I was was very humiliating, and I felt weird, but everything was was silky and it also felt good.

 When I went into the bedroom my Wife was sitting on the bed with a wry smile on Her face, I was told to get the implements, and bring them to Her, which I did. I was then pulled over Her knee, and She rubbed my bottom all over and again it felt really nice. She then proceeded to slowly pull the slip up over my back, and inserted Her fingers in the waistband of the panties, and She pulled them down to expose my bare bottom.

 I felt the hairbrush being rubbed all over my bottom, it was cool and smooth, but that didn't last long. I felt Her shift, and a second later there was a burning sensation on my right butt cheek, followed by 92 more, I moved trying to avoid the spanks, but knew better than to get off Her lap. Finally that part came to an end. It didn't take long for the bath brush to replace the hairbrush, and again I was moving all over Her lap twisting and turning, but I just couldn't out maneuver that dam thing. My eyes were filling up, but I am unfortunately one of those men that can't let the tears flow. The whole time She was turning my butt into a hot bed of pain, She was also lecturing me about different things that we have discussed in the past, and I was promising to do better. With the bath brush finally stopping, I was given a short reprieve, but not too long. It was time for the Leather paddle, and I had 84 of those to go through, now I love the feel of a leather paddle, it's one of those love/hate relationships. She didn't slow down one bit with the paddle, and when She was finished I was ordered over a pillow, and got my 15 with the cane. She took pity on me somewhat, as I've had it a lot worse from Her on other occasions, but this time it was just hard enough to make me move all over the pillow, and it did leave nice weals.

 It was then that I was told we were going to the store, and She wanted me to drive her dressed the way I was, I almost fell over when She told me that. When She saw my face She just laughed and told me I could change before going out. Whew!!!!!!!! I don't know if I could have followed those directions, and I glad I didn't have to find out.



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